Exercise 2.6 – Soviet remakes

I need to choose a classic Hollywood film and re-design a poster for it in the style of soviet film posters. First I choose a film and got the information I needed to design the poster like actors/actresses the director etc.


It was suggested that I start with some research on the constructivist artists and soviet film posters so I could reflect on their design techniques to help me in this task.

The constructivists were a group of artists started by Vladimir Tatlin & Alexander Rodenchko around 1915 in Russia. They were united in their desire to abolish the traditional representational function of art and put it to more practical uses. At it’s core they believed in ‘truth to materials’. Their work was ideological in nature, aiming to serve the goals of the communist revolution in Russia. See below notes in my learning log and some examples of posters from my research.


I collected some examples of soviet movie posters on Pinterest and printed my favourites to note their characteristics in my learning log.


Pinterest board – soviet movie poster research

IMG_20190202_124706Like I saw in my research the constructivists often use collages and imagery from the movie so I will start by taking a few stills from the movie to consider when doing some thumbnails before I create the poster digitally.

I did a few experiments with the title text to try to imbue a sense of spinning/movement to convey ‘vertigo’. From looking at the soviet film posters it seems they used a slab serif kind of typeface so I chose something similar to experiment with.


vertigo text experiments 1I mocked up one of my thumbnails quickly in Photoshop.

vertigo 1

I can refine it more by using a filter to make the swirl out of a starburst and play with the placement of the text and perhaps the scale.

I played around with slanting some of the text like in the soviet posters. Doubled the female character and adjusted the brightness on the top images of Scottie and her to make them stand out. I made a swirl background but I think it interferes with the text sitting on top so I tried a composition without it but the swirl is important to the sense of ‘Vertigo’ and in keeping with the Soviet poster style so perhaps I can try and make the swirl bigger or adjust the colours to make the smaller text more readable. I am also not happy with the typeface, the experimentations I did with the vertigo text wouldn’t look right over the top of my design so perhaps I can find a more ‘soviet’ looking typeface online? Also maybe the background could look a bit more vintage somehow with a filter?

vertigo 2.9


vertigo 2.10


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